Jock Itch Cured



Thanks Jason, your cure worked within days after those crappy antifungal creams did almost nothing for 2 weeks! Thank god for the internet...

Brody, Canada

I had suffered from a recurring jock itch for around 2 years before finding your site. I never thought about natural cures, assuming the doctors knew what they were talking about. Well your cure has worked within a week so as you can imagine I am glad I found your site! All the best.

Richard G, Vaucluse Sydney

It sounded too good to be true but your story sounded so much like mine with the pharmacy creams that I decided to risk it and buy your remedy. Well it did work and I am just sending you feedback as you asked. It felt like it killed the jock itch within hours and then it took around a week to heal up completely. Thanks heaps.

Jim Francis, Barcelona

As per your request here is my feedback. It worked within 2 days. I had tried the creams you spoke about with the same results you had. Thanks for getting this out there!

Regards, Greg Susans

I am female and I had jock itch for 4 months before coming across your website. The creams I had tried seemed to keep it from spreading but didn't kill it. Your remedy killed it within a week and it was completely healed within 2 weeks with no scaring. Thanks so much...

Karen, UK

My husband had suffered from jock itch many times over the years and it always took many weeks to get rid of it. This time I downloaded your remedy and made him try it at the first signs. It was gone the very next day. BRILLIANT!!! Thanks a million.

Kelly Tatisil, Texas

It worked within 2 days and the itch was gone within hours. Thanks Jason!


I was cured by your oils within days. Thanks

Jessica F, London

Excellent treatment, worked in a fraction of the time the Pharmacy creams take. You are right about doctors, they really should start looking into natural treatments instead of mindlessly following the advice of the pharmaceutical companies. These companies surely do have profit as their main objective so it seems strange that doctors just do as they are told by these often not so honest companies. Anyway, thanks for a great cure!

John Mayes, Australia

Jock itch used to be a pain in the #*se!! Thanks to your treatment it no longer effects me at all. As soon as I feel a bit of an itch I just apply the oils and it never takes hold. Thanks so much, my love life is much happier now


Stephen Bush, Paris

I will always look for the natural cures first from now on. I wonder how many times I have used dangerous pharmacy drugs when there was a more effective natural cure right around the corner... This one sure is more effective than antifungal creams... It worked so fast i was totally amazed. Thanks Jason

Sue Jamison, Montreal



I Started This Website Because I Suffered From Jock Itch And I Was Totally Unsatisfied With The Treatments Offered By Doctors And Pharmacists!!!

There must be countless men (and women) out there suffering like I did using treatments that don't work, cause bad side effects or need to be used for weeks, months or longer with pathetic results!

If this is you then read on because the only thing pharmaceutical companies care about is their profit, your health matters not...

I am sick and tired of going to doctors who just want to get me in and out as fast as possible. They don't care if they are giving me the best treatment, they don't even care if it works, in fact if it doesn't work I'll come back and they get paid even more for another attempt...

Why Is It That Every Time I Go To A Doctor I Come Away With A Prescription For Some Drug or Cream?

Do They Even Know That Natural Treatments Exist And That They Are Often More Effective, Much Safer and Extremely Cheap?

Or is it just that they don't care and your best interest is not their priority???

I have NEVER been offered a natural treatment by a doctor!!!!

It is a strange time we are living in when you can get better advice from the internet than from a doctor but that seems to be the way it is becoming! It is time to stop giving your decisions to people who don't care about you and to start educating yourself and making informed decisions yourself...

Ok now I will tell you about my experience with jock itch and you can decide on your own treatment..

I had jock itch on my groin, it started out as a small irritation at the top of my inner thighs, right in the crease. It didn't bother me too much and I thought it would just go away on its own. After about a week it started to grow downwards on each inner thigh and it became very red and quite itchy. It had a strange smell which I now know was yeast. The edge of the infection was slightly more raised than the rest of it and the line was very defined where it ended. At this point I asked my girlfriend if she knew what it was and she said it looked like jock itch. She is actually a Pharmacist so I took her word for it.. She got me some cream from work called Hydrozole. She said it was the standard treatment and that I should apply it twice a day.

Well I did that and it seemed to help as it did get rid of the itch. After a week the infection looked a bit better so I continued using it. After 2 weeks it was still there but something strange had happened to my scrotum. It had become very sticky and the skin seemed to have lost its elasticity. I was wearing boxers at the time so maybe if I had been wearing jocks, they might have stopped the cream getting on my scrotum but the advice was to wear boxers to keep the area cool and dry.

So now I still had the jock itch (although it was slightly better than before) and my scrotum was in bad shape. I decided to see a doctor. I went to a medical center and waited in line for around an hour. Then I finally saw a doctor. She brought me in had a quick look and said that I should stop using the Hydrozole and that I should now try Lamisil. She wrote a prescription and I was in and out within 2 minutes.

I used the Lamisil for a week and it seemed to do almost nothing for the infection while my scrotum seemed to be getting worse. The skin seemed thinner and it was hanging down further than usual. I really wanted to get rid of this thing and was getting worried about my scrotum so I went back to the medical center.

I waited again for around an hour then finally saw a doctor. This time it was a man and I thought that he might know more about this. He didn't seem worried about my scrotum at all and told me to now use Canesten. He said that seeing as Hydrozole was more effective than the Lamisil that Canesten would be the best because it had the same antifungal ingredient as Hydrozole but didn't have the steroid that Hydrozole contains.

I was in and out within 3 minutes and he said to try it for at least 2 weeks and to keep using it for a week after the infection was gone to make sure it didn't come back.

I used it for another week and it helped a little but the infection was still quite bad and I was becoming increasingly concerned about my scrotum.

I decided to go and see a Naturopath and it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. She took a look and straight away told me to stop using any of the creams the doctors ordered. She told me that if I went back to a doctor again that they would give me even stronger prescription creams that would be even worse for my scrotum. She mixed up some oils and put them in a bottle for me and said to apply it to the area twice a day or more if required.

I went home and applied the oil and straight away I could feel it working. I felt a slight burning sensation which felt cooling at the same time (its hard to describe) and the itch went away almost immediately. The next day I was amazed to see the redness was much less red and the infection looked much better.

After 3 days the infection was almost completely gone although there was still a mark where it had been. Instead of red and irritated it was kind of purple and not irritated at all. After a week it was looking much better and I knew the fungus was dead. I stopped using the oil and it never came back. My scrotum took over 6 months to go back to normal. During this time I thought I had destroyed the skin forever and was very angry with the medical establishment.

In fact I am still angry with them and I hope I can have some impact on them by letting people know about the poor treatment offered by our health system and the amazing effectiveness of natural treatments that are totally safe. Indeed the natural treatment was far superior to the concoctions that our leading Pharmaceutical companies are offering, it had no side effects, it worked in a fraction of the time and it was extremely cheap...

Sorry about my long winded tale but I want you to understand what happened to me so you don't make the same mistakes...

If you have jock itch then treat it with the natural cure first! If you have tried other treatments that didn't work then don't worry because this one does work and it works really fast...

OK, I am sure you want to know what I used to treat my jock itch so you can cure yours.

I must now apologize because I cannot give you the remedy for free. The reason I cannot give it to you is because to get you to read this page I had to pay for advertising on Google. It costs me money every time someone clicks my link but if I didn't pay then nobody would find my website. The internet is flooded with information and websites and the only way to get my page where you would find it was to pay.

For this reason I must charge you for the remedy. I will tell you exactly what the Naturopath gave me. You can then go and buy the oils you need to make it up yourself. It is very cheap and it can be used to cure nearly any fungal or bacterial infection there is. For under $20 you can get enough of the oils to treat 100's of infections and it will last in your cupboard for at least 10 years without going off...

Ok if you want to get this brilliant remedy click the link below. You will be forwarded to the remedy page as soon as payment is made. The price for this remedy is $35, far cheaper than a trip to the doctor or for the anti fungal creams your doctor will prescribe... You will be able to treat any fungal infection for years with this remedy and you won't have to destroy your scrotum with dangerous antifungal Pharmaceuticals ever!!!!

It works just as well for female jock itch as it does for males...

Don't waste any more time, click the link below and cure your jock itch now!!!

If it doesn't work just email me and I will refund you fully. There is absolutely no risk in trying it for yourself... You will be healed in no time!! Please send me your feedback once you have tried it...

Best wishes, Jason Hardy